Our expertise

Value Estimation

The preparation of a professional appraiser's estimate of value in accordance with appraisal standards and regulations of the Israeli Real Estate Appraisers Association and of the Council of Land Valuers (Ministry of Justice) to determine the value of various property types nationwide


Financial feasibility analysis to determine the viability of a project and to assess risk prior to the investment, exploring options for property upgrade, forensic and planning status examination of assets


Submission of a counter-assessment and representation of the client at local committee to reduce the demand for betterment levy; submission of objection against betterment tax


Expertise in conservation economy, economic cost-benefit analysis at the site and region level, examination of incentives policy for conservation structures


Preparation of monthly supervision reports for various projects under construction (new projects, TAMA 38, and evacuation & construction projects)


The preparation of a professional appraiser's estimate of value for bank credit and funding needs (Including cooperation depending on the bank)

About us

Dr. Eyal Salinger

Dr. Eyal Salinger is a real estate appraiser, economist and historian. He holds a Doctorate in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion University in Israel and a Master's Degree in Spatial Planning from KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Salinger is a lecturer at the Technion and at Haifa University, teaching Masters level courses in real estate valuation and urban economics. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the economics of building preservation in the White City district of Tel Aviv.
Dr. Salinger has presented his research at professional and academic conferences in Israel and abroad, and his articles are published in the magazine "Sites" published by the Israeli preservation council.

Ori Salinger

Ori Salinger is a licensed real estate appraiser and economist with an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University. He has extensive professional experience as a senior real estate appraiser at leading firms, with practical experience in real estate development and project promotion.
Ori Salinger is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, Israel.

Services to non-Hebrew speakers

Salinger Real Estate & Consulting - a national full-service appraisal firm provides real estate and consulting services to immigrants, expatriates and foreign companies both in English and French.

Salinger Real Estate & Consulting offers a high level of expertise and insight in all facets of real estate; Emphasis is placed on personal approach to provide our clients with responsive and up-to-date service, tailored to their unique valuation needs.

Services we provide:
• Professional guidance and support in all segments of real estate in the client's native language.
• Client representation in governmental, municipal or other official or state settings.
• Written summary of valuation and survey report in the client's native language, in addition to the official Hebrew report.
• Translation services.

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Address: 13 Brodezki st., Tel Aviv, Israel
E mail: office@salinger.co.il